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Jeanique de Jager-Kats began her photography journey in 2008 as a 365 day project. During this time she took a self portrait a day as a form of self therapy whilst dealing with depression. 


The project brought a lot of media attention and she spoke at several events such as TEDx Women Amsterdam and Rethinking Media at the Beach. As a result of this she was invited to do projects for Samsung with other creative influencers and had 4 spreads in the 1500th edition of Focus magazine with guest editor Erwin Olaf.  


She became a mother for the first time in 2013 and a new story evolved as her priorities shifted. Over the years creating, in several forms, was a huge part of her day to day life and when she discovered sewing in 2019 she found a new passion in making sustainable clothing for her family and self. Her work for a pattern designer as content creator and social media manager gave her a lot of experience in both sewing and photography/film and showed her she didn’t have to choose between all the things she likes, because they are easily combined.


In 2021 her creative journey took another exciting twist and she began studying to become a costumier and is eager to see where this will lead her.  On this site you can find a combination of her photography and tailoring. For enquiries or collaborations feel free to contact her.

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