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Ready to Sew - Jolene

Fabric: Rifle Paper Co Rayon From Cross and Woods

🎶🍓Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeneeee. I finally finished my first Jolene dress #jolenereadytosew in this glorious @riflepaperco rayon. Although the fabric is a bit too light for the pattern, it worked out fine with some alterations (took in the waist a bit). I love how swooshy it is! And even though I’m never much of a fan of gathered waistlines without elastics because of my bust, this really does work pretty well! I did do a FBA, Raphaëlle made a great post about that on the blog.🍓🎶•💥Speaking of that blog ( please have a moment and read “Sharing my research and methods: Towards more inclusivity in pattern making”

It’s very worth the read. 💥


👗Pattern: Jolene by @ready_To_Sew + The expansion pack for the sleeves and collar

✂️Fabric: @riflepaperco Strawberry Fields Rayon bought at @crossandwoods📏Size: I made a size 42, but I did the FBA part on size 40 (ub: 89cm, fb: 96cm, w: 73cm h: 101cm height: 161cm


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