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n.) a warm, affectionate hug, cuddle or snuggle that gives a feeling of a safe place or home
  • Foto van schrijverJeanique de Jager-Kats

Fibre Mood Hunter Coat

I found some Antique curtains last year and while laying them out in the living room Flynn asked me if I could make him a coat. So I did, I used the pixie pea coat pattern with a zipper, and he was very pleased. I joked to make myself a coat too so we could match, and his enthusiasm was too cute not to. I bought the magazine in December, because I really loved the Hunter Coat look, but making myself a coat felt like a bridge too far as a sewing novice so I didn’t. Until last month, I just went for it. The pattern was ehm not what I was used to, I found the tutorial not that clear (maybe because it was in Dutch and I mostly sew English patterns?) and there was a mistake on the pattern piece which made my first experience with welt pockets a bit frustrating. (I sent them an email about it and they acknowledged they made a mistake and sent me the right version).

But thankfully I have a very talented husband who can do EVERYTHING, he helped me out and I really love how it turned out. Now I need some spunk to wear it

Outer Fabric: Antique Curtains from around 1930

Lining: Cupro from Böttger Alkmaar

Adult coat Pattern: Fibre Mood Hunter

Child coat Pattern: Pixie Pea Coat


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