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n.) a warm, affectionate hug, cuddle or snuggle that gives a feeling of a safe place or home
  • Foto van schrijverJeanique de Jager-Kats

Akerfeldt Coat

Fabric: Merchant and Mills Dry Oilskin from Cross and Woods

Tadaaaah! I present to you my gorgeous husband in his new coat! ✨🌿⭐️ I’ve been eyeballing this pattern ever since Lauren posted the first photo of it early November. My husband bought some @merchantandmills oilskin at @crossandwoods over a year ago and really wanted me to make a coat for him, but the only pattern he REALLY liked was for women, and I just didn’t feel comfortable enough to alter the pattern. So when I saw the photos of the #akerfeldtcoat I knew I wanted to make it for him. Et voila! I love everything about it! I must admit, the flat felled seams at the hood, I just couldn’t do it, I found it so hard around the curve. So I made a French Seam instead, which is also not perfect and a bit plucking, but at least Emiel doesn’t mind. Lauren shared a great tip on her blog about a Hump Jumper, I really need to make/get one, ‘cause I missed it during the proces especially at the pocket bits. He’s soooo happy! I don’t sew him that much, and the last time was a year ago when I made him another @elbe_textiles textiles pattern, the #Somerfieldcoat in linen. I guess the Elbe pattern aesthetics are just really his thing.

Some details:

- ✨Pattern is the #akerfeldtcoat by @elbe_textiles

- 🌿I sized down 1 size from his measurements and I made a straight size E without any alterations, it’s a great fit and for the first time he’s not complaining about the length of his sleeves. Height: 1.91 C: 103 W: 97 H:108

- 💕Fabric is a dry Oilskin from @merchantandmills bought @crossandwoods

- ✨Snaps are 20mm wide from Prym

- 🤓I embroidered a half naked lady + I love you in the facing, cause I’m a goof

- 🥰The pattern was easy to follow, you might need to check the video for the pockets on youtube (I searched on Elbe Textiles)

- 🤪Also check for a hump jumper, I love saying that word, hump jumper.


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